It is made up of the people closest to the CEE- manager, peers and collaborators – chosen to evaluate their TBCs, using the app they will have downloaded on their device,.

Depending on needs, the CEE may choose to form a G180 (e.g., leader and peers) or a G90 (e.g., only collaborators).

The inclusion as assessors of a G360, and the use of the proprietary continuousmeasurement model, maximizes the intensity and acceleration of the CEE’s TBCs, i.e., the effectiveness of the CP.

The Progress Report includes -while maintaining the confidentiality of the Group’s components- their data, calculates the arithmetic mean and offers its graphic representation. It also compares them with the data and graphs of the CEE self- assessment. The Report belongs to the CEE, which can share it with whomever it wishes.

Requires subscription to the Plus Plan.