Identification of the Business Objective chosen by the Coachee, which will be effortlessly attracted by the person he/she will become through the Coaching Program.

Process in which the Coach, during several sessions, accompanies the Coachee to change the person he/she is by which he/she will be able to attract the O he/she has chosen.

Change refers to the identification, change, and sustainable implementation of a new mindset (beliefs, paradigms…), competencies, skills and target behaviors that will attract that O.

It is what the Coachee does, and how the Coachee does it. A B is the most discrete action that can be defined (e.g., I am silent while the other is talking). Several Bs constitute a Skill (e.g. Active listening). Several Skills constitute a Competency (e.g. Effective Communication).

The core purpose of a CP is to identify, define and implement TBCs that will attract the Coachee’s Os.

TBCs assessment tool. Measurement that facilitates and accelerates TBC.

Person who observes and evaluates the TBC. There are two categories: the Coachee (self-evaluation) and the Group360º.

Set of people close to the Coachee, that observes and assesses their TBCs. Usually boss, collaborators and peers.

Self-employed professional (Coach) or organization providing coaching services that contracts the Service for the use of its Coaches.

Freelance professional, or belonging to the CL organization, who accompanies the Coachee in his/her CP.

Beneficiary of the CP, who is accompanied by the CO. Usually an employee in a Company.

Organization that contracts the CL Service for the benefit of its employee (CEE).

BATMETRIX is the online web application (app) that provides: 1) continuousmeasurement of the TBCs of the CEE, i.e. the real-time progress of your CP. It is composed of two elements: Evaluator Module and DashBoard, and 2) the multi-management of the CP interveners, i.e. the management of CLs, CPs, COs and CEEs.

It includes the definition and evaluation of the TBCs and their corresponding KPIs. The module is completed by the As.

Data summary tool, organized in three areas of information: 1) Identification of the CEE and its CO, 2) Advance of the CP (number and dates of completion of the coaching sessions and Diagnostic Tools), and 3) Progress of the CEE, i.e., numerical data of the CEE evaluations and their graphical representations. The progress corresponds to the degree of attraction of the Os established in the CP.

Own methodological model based on the evaluation of the TBCs every time the As have the opportunity to observe them.

“The 1st app for the continuousmeasurement of behavioral change” article makes it easier for the As to observe and continuously measure the implementation of the coachee’s TBCs.”

Company owner of the BATMETRIX trademark and methodology.