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  1. Abbreviations of the main elements and actors of a Coaching Program (used in this document)
  2. Customers
  3. Coach
  4. Coachee
  5. Group360º

Important Note

In the BATMETRIX context the term “CP (Coaching Program)” is also applicable to all soft skills development programs. For instance:  Leadership Development.

By extension, the term “Coachee” refers to, and is also applicable to, the “Participants” in all soft skills programs.

A. Abbreviations of the main elements and actors of a COaching Program (used in this document)

O (Objective)Identification of the Business Objective chosen by the Coachee, which will be effortlessly attracted by the person he/she will become through the Coaching Program.CP (Coaching Progra)

Process in which the Coach, during several sessions, accompanies the Coachee to change the person he/she is by which he/she will be able to attract the O he/she has chosen.

Change refers to the identification, change, and sustainable implementation of a new mindset (beliefs, paradigms…), competencies, skills and target behaviors that will attract that O.

B (Behavior)

It is what the Coachee does, and how the Coachee does it. A B is the most discrete action that can be defined (e.g., I am silent while the other is talking). Several Bs constitute a Skill (e.g. Active listening). Several Skills constitute a Competency (e.g. Effective Communication).

TBC (Target Behavioral Change)

The core purpose of a CP is to identify, define and implement TBCs that will attract the Coachee’s Os.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

TBCs assessment tool. Measurement that facilitates and accelerates TBC.

A (Assessor)

Person who observes and evaluates the TBC. There are two categories: the Coachee (self-evaluation) and the Group360º.

Group 360º (G360)

Set of people close to the Coachee, that observes and assesses their TBCs. Usually boss, collaborators and peers.

CL (Client)

Self-employed professional (Coach) or organization providing coaching services that contracts the Service for the use of its Coaches.

CO (Coach)

Freelance professional, or belonging to the CL organization, who accompanies the Coachee in his/her CP.

CEE (Coachee)

Beneficiary of the CP, who is accompanied by the CO. Usually an employee in a Company.

S (Service)

BATMETRIX is the online web application (app) that provides: 1) continuousmeasurement of the TBCs of the CEE, i.e. the real-time progress of your CP. It is composed of two elements: Evaluator Module and DashBoard, and 2) the multi-management of the CP interveners, i.e. the management of CLs, CPs, COs and CEEs.

EM (Evaluator Module)

It includes the definition and evaluation of the TBCs and their corresponding KPIs. The module is completed by the As.

DB (Dash Board)

Data summary tool, organized in three areas of information: 1) Identification of the CEE and its CO, 2) Advance of the CP (number and dates of completion of the coaching sessions and Diagnostic Tools), and 3) Progress of the CEE, i.e., numerical data of the CEE evaluations and their graphical representations. The progress corresponds to the degree of attraction of the Os established in the CP.


Own methodological model based on the evaluation of the TBCs every time the As have the opportunity to observe them.

“The 1st app for the continuousmeasurement of behavioral change” article makes it easier for the As to observe and continuously measure the implementation of the coachee’s TBCs.”

CdeV (Coaching de Ventas, S.L.)

Company owner of the BATMETRIX trademark and methodology.

B. Client (CL) and Service selection (S)

Who is the CL of the SIt can be a self-employed professional (CO) or an organization providing coaching services or an C, who subscribe to the S for their own use, that of their associated COs or their Pool of internal COs.Subscription Plan Selection

There are currently four plans, or subscriptions, available:

Trial Plan. The best option to get to know and test all the functions of the app (those corresponding to the Plus Plan). It is recommended that you perform all types of simulations and go deeper into the ones that interest you the most. Use limited to one CEE, for 30 days. To start, click on the Subscribe button. No credit card required. If you find it useful you can subscribe to any of the other three plans (Free, Basic or Plus).

Free Plan. Unlimited use in time, but limited to only one CEE and the functions that appear in the web (Plans). To start click on the Subscribe button. No credit card required. If your needs change you can subscribe to any of the other two payment plans (Basic or Plus).

Basic Plan. Includes all the necessary functions to use the Self-Assessment by your CEEs. Select (slider buttons) to choose Monthly/Annual subscription, and the number of COs in your company (from 1 to 5; for +6 ask for a proposal). Note that the rates are more advantageous with the Annual subscription and also with the increase in the number of COs in your company. To start, click on the Subscribe button. Bank card required. If your needs change, you can subscribe to either of the other two plans (Free or Plus).

Plus Plan. This Plan includes all the functions of the Basic Plan and, in addition, the evaluation by the 360º Group, which intensifies and accelerates the TBCs. Select (slider buttons) to choose Monthly/Annual subscription, and the number of COs in your company (from 1 to 5; for +6 ask for a proposal). Note that the rates are even more advantageous in the Annual subscription and also with the increase in the number of COs in your company. To get started, click on the Subscribe button. Bank card required. If your needs change, you can subscribe to either of the other two plans (Free or Basic).


Once you have selected the Plan that best suits your technical needs, click on the Subscribe button and fill in the requested data to complete the subscription. You will receive a confirmation email and the access passwords to the app.

Suscription outside the Euro Zone (€)

When you subscribe to a payment plan (Basic or Plus) outside the Euro Zone, the Stripe payment platform calculates the exchange rate in euros (€) to the currency of your country.

Form of payment

We use the Stripe platform for secure payments by credit card.

Exceptionally we accept payment by bank transfer. Contact with us

If you have chosen the monthly payment method, you will be charged on the same day of each month.

If you have chosen annual payment you will be charged on the same date each year.

Change in Payment term

You can change the payment term of your Monthly subscription to Annual, so you will enjoy a more economically advantageous rate for the next 12 months. The change will be made in less than 3 working days.

You cannot change the term of your Annual to Monthly subscription until the end of the subscription term.

Plan Change

If you have an annual subscription you can change to a higher plan (12 months). Contact us to calculate the amount of the reimbursement to be made for the months not used in the previous plan.

If you have a monthly subscription you can change to a lower Plan (not applicable to annual subscriptions). Unsubscribe from the Plan you no longer want and subscribe to the one you want now.

In both cases the change will be made in less than 3 working days.

Early cancellation of the subscription to a Payment Plan

Early cancellation of a subscription to a Payment Plan does not entitle to any refund.

The cancellation will be made within 3 working days.

Promotional Campaigns

Occasional promotions in which we offer very attractive subscription rates. If you want to be informed to benefit from them, register in our web site


When the CL subscribes to the Plan for only one CO, he/she access the app directly.

When the CL subscribes the Plan for two or more COs, the CL directly access the app and grants registration permissions (access passwords) to each of the COs, so that they can manage their CEEs.

I want a customized app for the internal/external coaches pool of my C

Using our know-how and experience in TBC measurement we can offer you the design and construction of the app customized to your specific evaluation needs. Get in touch with us

I want you to manage my ionternal/external CO Pool

If your company already has a COs Pool and you want to outsource all or part of its management, please contact us. Our purpose is to satisfy all your needs for executive coaching and other soft skills development programs.

I want to create a Pool of internal/extermal COs

If your company is considering creating an internal or external CO Pool, we can help you. Please get in touch. We aim to meet all your needs for executive coaching and other soft skills development programs.

I want to reinforce my soft skills programs with coaching

If your company is considering increasing the effectiveness of the TBCs associated with soft skills programs – for example, a leadership program – contact us .


BATMETRIX ensures that your data is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. Click here to access our Privacy Policy

C. Coach (CO)

Coach LOGINWhen the CL subscribes to the Plan for one or more COs, when they register them in the app, they receive their access passwords to the app in order to manage their CEEs.

D. Coachee (CEE)

Self-assessmentWhen the CEE chooses to self-assess its TBCs it intensifies and accelerates the effectiveness of its PC. If he/she also chooses to use continuousmeasurement he/she will increase it further.You can choose the evaluation frequency at which the app will collect the data corresponding to your assessments and transfer them to your Progress graph.

You can also agree with your CO on the frequency of issuance of the Progress Report, which compiles the above information, and share it with whomever you wish.

Requires subscription to the Basic or Plus Plan.

E. Group360º (G360)

G360It is made up of the people closest to the CEE- manager, peers and collaborators – chosen to evaluate their TBCs, using the app they will have downloaded on their device,.

Depending on needs, the CEE may choose to form a G180 (e.g., leader and peers) or a G90 (e.g., only collaborators).

The inclusion as assessors of a G360, and the use of the proprietary continuousmeasurement model, maximizes the intensity and acceleration of the CEE’s TBCs, i.e., the effectiveness of the CP.

The Progress Report includes -while maintaining the confidentiality of the Group’s components- their data, calculates the arithmetic mean and offers its graphic representation. It also compares them with the data and graphs of the CEE self- assessment. The Report belongs to the CEE, which can share it with whomever it wishes.

Requires subscription to the Plus Plan.

Jaime Bacás

Founding Partner

You can't change others, but when you change, the world changes

Optimistic, strategic, innovative. Interested in value creation and differentiation. Humor is a core ingredient in his life. He could leave it with the feeling of having lived the life he wanted and that makes him feel complete and serene.

He studied Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid and for the next twenty years he developed his professional career in multinational companies in the Health Care sector, assuming managerial responsibilities in companies such as Becton Dickinson (USA), Smith & Nephew (UK) and Laboratoires Fournier (FR). While adding an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

He discovered executive coaching at the turn of the century and was clear about what he would do from then on. He founded the company Coaching de Ventas (2001), participated in the gestation of Lider-haz-GO! (2006) and then founded Productividad Personal (2007).

He joined Atesora Group as a partner (2011).

He is currently a partner of Atesora Group and co-founder of EXEKUTIVE Coaching (2020) and BATMETRIX (2022).

Jaime considers himself a privileged person because he loves what he does: coaching to accompany the development of others.

He enjoys learning, entrepreneurship, a good chat with his friends, a drink, a trip, and the sea. He admires Francisco.

His greatest pride is his two sons, Jordi and Jaime.