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Jaime Bacás

Founding Partner

You can't change others, but when you change, the world changes

Optimistic, strategic, innovative. Interested in value creation and differentiation. Humor is a core ingredient in his life. He could leave it with the feeling of having lived the life he wanted and that makes him feel complete and serene.

He studied Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid and for the next twenty years he developed his professional career in multinational companies in the Health Care sector, assuming managerial responsibilities in companies such as Becton Dickinson (USA), Smith & Nephew (UK) and Laboratoires Fournier (FR). While adding an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

He discovered executive coaching at the turn of the century and was clear about what he would do from then on. He founded the company Coaching de Ventas (2001), participated in the gestation of Lider-haz-GO! (2006) and then founded Productividad Personal (2007).

He joined Atesora Group as a partner (2011).

He is currently a partner of Atesora Group and co-founder of EXEKUTIVE Coaching (2020) and BATMETRIX (2022).

Jaime considers himself a privileged person because he loves what he does: coaching to accompany the development of others.

He enjoys learning, entrepreneurship, a good chat with his friends, a drink, a trip, and the sea. He admires Francisco.

His greatest pride is his two sons, Jordi and Jaime.